Holiday DIY #2: Upcycled Glass Bottle Snowmen

glass snowmenYou know how sometimes you look at something and you can just see something else in it?  I’m not talking like Mother Theresa in a piece of toast or a turtle in a cloud, but like you look at a wine cork and go, “Now that looks like a reindeer!”  Well, I had a moment like that with some bottles of Amaretto this summer (yes, bottles plural… I really like Amaretto…) and I could just see the snowmen in them. I vowed that when the weather turned colder, I would turn them into decorative snowmen, and that’s just what I did over the Thanksgiving holiday.


empty bottleSupplies

  • glass bottle – I like these tall square-ish kind
  • paint brush
  • pencil with an eraser on the end
  • white paint, preferably primer since it will stick well to glass
  • black paint
  • a bit of orange paint or an orange triangle cut from paper/felt/foam
  • scrap fabric, yarn, something to make a “scarf.” I used the hem of an old red tee-shirt


  • Clean off the outside of the bottle and remove any labels if possible. These labels refused to budge, so I just painted over them.
  • Apply several layers or white paint, allowing to dry between coats. You can also swirl the paint around the inside of the bottle, but if you’re painting the outside be sure to use white paint that is also primer, as it will stick to the glass.
  • Keep Helper Cat AWAY from bottles as they dry

painted bottles with helper cat IMG_1010 IMG_1011

Helper Cat                             After 3 coats of paint                      Putting on the “hats”

  • Once you have enough paint on that it is completely opaque, you can begin to put on the “hats.” I thought I would make  a clean line by using masking tape – terrible idea. It pulled a lot of the white paint right off and made a terrible mess. So I would recommend using a thin paintbrush to draw your brim, and then paining in black up the neck of the bottle, including the cap.
  • While that dries, dip a pencil eraser in the black paint, and dot on your eyes and mouth. Pencil erasers make perfect little circles.
  • Paint or glue on a little orange “carrot” nose, tie on your fabric or yarn for a scarf, and you’re done!

glass snowmen

If you liked this post, check out my first holiday DIY of the season. Happy Holidays everyone!


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