I love food. I love cooking it, eating, reading about it, shopping for it, and most of all sharing it! Whenever I travel, the itinerary (and quite often the location itself!) is designed around meals and markets. I try to take cooking classes wherever I go, like on my recent trip to China. And most of my souvenirs for myself and friends are food-related – when I recently went to Brazil, I brought back enough coffee to caffeinate a small country. When we went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon, I discovered this green sauce that I ate on everything from fries to rice and beans, and stocked up on enough to get me through the next year (sadly, it is now all gone, and I cannot find it here in the US. #foodieproblems).

Vin chaud, Aix-en-Provence, France Eating pastilles in Sao Paulo, Brazil Learning about spices in Delhi, India

Vin chaud in France; eating pastilles in Brazil; learning about spices in India

My approach to food follows Michael Pollan’s philosophy: if my great grandmother (who was a GREAT cook, by the way) wouldn’t recognize it as food, I won’t either. Of course there are quite a few things my great grandma DID recognize as food that I won’t go near (lard, for example). But this is still a pretty good rule of thumb.

All recipes here meet that standard, and a few more:

  • I’ve made them more than once, and they’re so good I plan to make them again and again.
  • They must be delicious (hubby weighs in on this too) – and I mean like you would serve it at a dinner party delicious.

  • They are healthy, or at least not terrible for you and so delicious (see point 1) that it’s worth the splurge. I always try to include nutrition information when I can, which I calculate using

  • They must be economical, to a point. That said, I do believe in spending on quality ingredients. Let’s take fish as an example. I think it’s important to have fish at least once or twice a week, but it tends to be more expensive (than say, chicken). So I get tilapia instead of red snapper, and see what’s on sale.

  • They must be EASY! No de-boning ducks here, thank you. Who has time for that?

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