Holiday DIY #1: Sparse tree? No problem!

T’was the day after Thanksgiving, and all the cats gathered near
They knew it was time for the Christmas tree to appear!

Treecat1 Treecat2

I was quite proud of my post-holiday sale tree,
But alas, its branches were as sparse as could be.

sparsetree1 sparsetree2
And of course, since it’s plastic, you could certainly tell
Our home lacked that lovely pine-tree Christmas smell.
Fear not, there’s a cure for both of these;
It is found wherever you can buy Christmas trees!
Extra pine boughs are truly excellent stuff;
They’re dirt cheap (or free!) and give the tree a nice fluff.

And what’s best is they make the house smell divine
Because after all, what are the holidays without pine?
So stuff your tree full, don’t be stingy or shy
And I hope you enjoyed this first Holiday DIY!

fulltree1 fulltree2

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  1. Hey Rach, Love the blog, keep them coming, really liked the snowmen, and I really like amaretto sours!!!! Hope you had a great Christmas and have a happy new year!!! See you at camp!!! I really like exclamation points!!! 😉


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