Easy Reusable Mason Jar Labels

Mason Jar Labels

I love using mason jars as kitchen storage – for flours, sugars, my own dry waffle mix, beans, coffee, cupcake liners… if it fits in a mason jar I’ve probably stored it in one at some time or another. But with so many mason jars floating around, labeling is key. For my first round of labels, I cut out cute colorful circles from old scrapbooking paper, stuck on some mailing labels, and voila! Instant adorable jar labels. scrapbook paper label

I also love chalkboard paint, so when I saw this idea for putting chalkboard paint on canning lids to turn them into instant labels, I thought, “What a great idea!” This is even cuter than my paper labels. So I made a few. As it turns out, it IS a great idea, but not on the metal canning labels. When you push a bit too hard with the chalk, this is what happens:

photo 10scratched lid

Super cute lids, right? Not so cute when the paint scratches off with the lightest pressure.

So, after a bit of trial and error, I decided to combine my ideas – use chalkboard paint to make re-usable labels, but instead of painting the metal lid itself (since it scratches too easily), paint cut-out cardboard circles and slip them in between the metal lid and the ring. This is working MUCH better, and I can just keep a stash in my kitchen drawer and whip one out whenever I need one, wipe it clean, label, and store.


  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paintbrush or sponge
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard that is thicker than paper but thinner than a standard cardboard box. I like cereal box cardboard.


  •  Trace a metal lid on the cardboard you will be using (1)
  • Cut out the circles; remember to cut slightly inside the line so they will fit inside the ring.
  • Paint at least 2 layers of chalkboard paint on each circle; let dry (2)
  • Slip painted cardboard in between metals lids and rings, screw on, label, and organize as you like! (3)

photo 12 photo 5 reusable mason jar labels
1                                                          2                                                               3


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