I love crafting and re-purposing, everything from making jewelry to knitting to finding news ways to reuse wine corks (I also love wine. A lot.) Most of my crafting involves finding ways to recycle/re-purpose things I already have lying around, and the projects I post about are very inexpensive and EASY. I love and admire her, but Martha Stewart I am not, and I don’t have hours to devote to making my own mirror from scratch or churning my own butter (I don’t actually know if she’s ever done that… but it seems like she would!)

Here are the projects I’ve posted so far. If you try one, let me know how it turns out! If you have a suggestion, comment or email me at  Happy crafting!

Chalkboard Clothespin Labels  (August 2013)

No-sew t-shirt blanket (September 2013)

Mason Jar Labels (October 2013)

Holiday DIY#1: Sparse Christmas tree? No problem! (December 2013)

Holiday DIY #2: Upcycled Glass Bottle Snowmen (December 2013)

Two New Uses for Wine Corks (June 2014)

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