Chalkboard Clothespin Labels

Chalkboard Clothespin Labels

Chalkboard Labels

My friends are all fabulous cooks, so when we get together 95% of the time it is a potluck… and we spend 50% of the get together explaining to new arrivals what all the dishes are on the table! So when I came across this idea on pinterest I knew I had to make them. When I debuted them at a recent gathering, they were a huge hit – I think I found this year’s DIY Christmas presents!

 wooden piece clothes pin  wood gluechalkboard paint chalk


For clip-ons

  • Wooden craft pieces (I got mine at Michael’s for just a few $$)
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Wood glue
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paint or sponge brush
  • Chalk

For string labels

  • Strong hole punch or hammer/nail
  • String, ribbon, or cord of your choice


It really couldn’t be simpler!

  • Paint both sides of the wooden piece with a few layers of paint, letting dry in between
  • Once dry, glue onto clothespins, or punch holes and thread the string
  • Clip/tie onto your masterpiece of gastronomy and walk away, because you don’t have to explain what it is!

label on string

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