About me

About me

IMG_1522I love learning, traveling, eating, cooking, and finding new uses for old things. I believe in eating seasonably and healthily, and I would rather make something than buy it if I can, foodstuffs and otherwise. Living a sustainable and eco-friendly life is a high priority for me. I love repurposing things – turning my husband’s dress shirt into a cute top for me, or turning wine corks into… well.. anything! Most importantly, I believe in living simply so that we can make the most out of life, saving where we can so we can spend on what counts. I’m a country mouse from WV turned city mouse in NYC, where I live with my high school sweetheart hubby and 2 charming cats.


About my blog

What you will find here:

Recipes that I’ve rigorously tested that meet my (ahem, quite high) standards of

  • delicious (hubby weighs in on this too)

  • healthy, or at least not terrible for you and so delicious (see point 1) that it’s worth the splurge

  • economical

All my recipes must pass these tests, in that order. If something is healthy, cheap, and dreadful-tasting, you will not find it here!

Crafts that re-use or re-purpose something we all have lying around, without the need to go spend oodles of $$ at your local black hole of mind-boggling craftiness craft store

– Awesome products or other helpful hints or projects that make my life better and more simple

– Reflections on my travels, whenever I happen to go anywhere interesting

What you WON’T find here

– Recipes with obscure ingredients you can only find at a specialty store, will use one tablespoon of, and then will spend the next year (or… umm… more) in your fridge waiting for its next use, until you finally give up and toss it.

– Recipes with an insane amount of butter, oil, sugar, processed junk or any other seductive-but-come-on-we-know-they’re-bad-for-us ingredients. Butter has its place, believe me (like on toasted fresh bread… yum), but in moderation, as with all the others.

– Anything having to do with shellfish. Sorry, just don’t like it!

– Crafts or projects that take more time than they are worth. I love and admire her, but Martha Stewart I am not. Most of my projects take under an hour.

– Paid plugs for products. At the moment I’m not paid for any of this, so if I’m recommending a product it’s out of the goodness of my heart and the sincere belief that it has made my life better in some way.

Other writing

I also occasionally write for other blogs:

http://pinkpangea.com , the online community for women travelers

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  1. ZEfZNZ9KAdSW Your mom shared your blog with me and I am thoroughly enjoying your stories, recipes and crafts. Can’t wait to see your January installment! Natalie

  2. Rachel We are soooooooo proud of you. You are such an ispiration to these young ones. I enjoy reading all your adventures and looking at all your pictures. Keep up the good work. Love ya Brenda

  3. Hi Rachel! Fellow AUCP alumnus here and Just discovered your blog and absolutely loving it, especially your nostalgic posts about the AUCP, such as “How to Say Thanksgiving in French” (promptly retweeted/shared on our Facebook) and “Discovering Passion for Food in th French Kitchen” on Pink Pangea! They’re fabulous!

    I don’t know if you’ve taken a look at the new AUCP blog lately, but we are always on the lookout for alumni guest posters or alumni that we can write about. Would you be interested? Let me know! You can contact me at samantha (at) aucp.fr and we can discuss more via email. Look forward to hearing from you! A bientôt 🙂

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